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At Your Convenience

So we made our newly acquired club house habitable and by June 2009 thought "Oh wouldn't it be nice not to have to cross our legs anymore" "OK back to the building site again a toilet block would be really good".

Multi-skilled volunteers assembled - let's go. Picture one shows the usual rubbish oops,  building site by picture three we have got foundations and footings and slowly, but not too slowly, the building starts to rise up- a bit like 'phoenix from the ashes'. Progress can be marked by the height of the crop growing in the field at the back! By August 2009 and the first Open Day at the premises, the crop has been harvested and and the block appears as the start of a substantial building, just not got a roof or any doors.

More hard work ensued as the block was painted and finished and by the Open Day at the end of August 2010, portaloo hire was becoming just a distant memory, as the toilet block was finished and ready for use, It has to be said that the installation of running water went to the wire as the photographic evidence of a very raw trench across the field shows, along with the digger still parked near the visitor's cars.

The final series of pictures show the completed toilet block in all it's glory; signage up and all the decor and furnishings in place, Wheelchair and disabled visitors will find special facilities just for them. The pictures speak for themselves In showing a much more than creditable job from some keen volunteer builders to undertake and achieve in just over a year. Is there no end to their talents?

In The Beginning



Easter 2009 finds Robin clearing the area that will become the Toilet Block. Just a little still to do at this stage!

Preparing the ground for laying water pipes. Driving the Digger is Tommy Hopkins, one of our founder members. 17th March 2009

Bricks and Mortar



 This is Brian, hard at work on the left hand side of the new building.  Whilst Phill beavers away at the front in June 2009. The Bricks look good!

Open Day 2009 - Roof, Water & Fittings


Open Day 2010 - Complete


 The line across the field is where the Water Pipes were laid. Hard going by all accounts. The Digger in temporary residence after it's reluctant work on the Water job. Pipe line is visible top right of picture.